Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please God, is This Where You Would Lead Me?

As we decended into Cotacachi Ecuador I asked God for a sign.  I wanted to know if this mystical province of Imbabura in a country called Ecuador was where I should live.    God has always shared his sense of humor with me and this time he gave it to me in spades.  People who know me are aware of my passion for my alma mater, Iowa State.  Who in their wildest dreams would ever imagine that as we came around the corner to follow this bus into Cotacachi that it would be emblazoned with the emblem of my beloved Cyclones!  Moses got a burning bush.  I got Cy!

Seriously......I have not ever seen another US college emblem anywhere else in this country.  Moments after I ask God for a sign I see Cy leading us down an obscure road into Cotacachi.  Coincidence?  A  God Thing?  You decide. 

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