Monday, December 19, 2011

Talk to Us About Living in Ecuador

If you are a regular Ecuador blog reader and you keep one foot in the US and the foot that belongs to your heart in Ecuador, we need to talk.  I mean literally, we need to talk. 

It seems the expat bloggers of Ecuador (yes I'm one of them) are filling the internet with pictures and information about what it is like to live in this beautiful country. 

Now you have another way to convince that foot that is anchored in the US to step outside for a minute and start living in a place where the weather allows you to walk outside comfortably daily, where quality health care costs fractional to the US, where homes can be bought or built reasonably, and where the locals still like North Americans. 

If you'd like to consider moving that stubborn foot click on the link below

I'll be waiting for your email appointment.