Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter in Cuenca

Rachel and I went to church on Easter with our good friends Mark and Connie.  The service was in a huge new church building with all the bells and whistles of a modern protestant service.  There were overhead projectors for sing along Spanish music and we even had a short video clip from CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.  It was a lovely service with a very engaged and active congregation.  Although this was our first time at this church, we had a strong sense that every service was of the same celebratory nature, not just Easter.  We still struggle with our Spanish understanding, but sometimes messages come through irrespective of language barriers.  Mark and Connie lived for years in Italy so their fluency in that romance language is a huge leg up in understanding Spanish.  I envy (and admire) multi-linquistic people.  There is such a dedication and special intelligence that goes with conquerors of languages not of their own.  Rachel and I are committed to one day joining that fluency club.

We had a very traditional almuerzo (lunch) on Parque Calderon.

We soaked up the sun that has been missing for the most part during this past rainy season April.

As if that monster lunch wasn't enough, we indulged in some home made ice cream at a fabulous heladeria over in San Blas.  After great fellowship, great food, and generous volumes of sunshine, we waddled over to bus #3 and with our 25 centavos were transferred to our condo gate, went upstairs and took a nap.  It's great to be a Hobbit.