Monday, July 15, 2013

Mileposts and Anniversaries

I'm not big on birthdays, anniversaries and such annual gimmicks to pad the bottom line for Hallmark.  However, I sometimes look back and these special events serve as mileposts in our lives.  They tell us if we are growing or declining.  They tell us if we are stuck or if we are finally found.

I've passed my three year anniversary in Ecuador.  Rachel will reach her three year anniversary in October which will coincide with our three year wedding anniversary.  Three years is far from a lifetime, but generally it gives you a good idea if you've done the right thing.

Our Marriage:  We've done the right thing!  Every morning that we wake up I thank God for putting us together.  Every night when we go to bed I thank God again.  We sometimes do our own thing during the day but some days we just jump on a bus with destination unknown and know that we will have enriched our lives together somehow.  Rachel's talents in song, creative design, cooking, sewing, gardening, and crafts too many to mention keep her vital and alive.  Her love of God and His Word has led me to commit to being a better man.  Rachel is more beautiful every day.  I love her more each day.

Living in Ecuador:  I'm sure you tire of me talking about our adventures.  To me an adventure is where you let go and something unexpected is likely to happen.  Every day I let go and I'm never disappointed in our adventures.   You don't have to tromp through a jungle, zip line through the cloud forest or hope you and your horse don't fall off a cliff to qualify.  Ecuador has built-in adventures for everyone of all ages and proclivities.  The climate of Ecuador is the best in the world, bar none.  Just pick your own favorite temperature.  It is here.   The people are sweet and kind.  The fruits, veggies, and fish are wonderfully delicious and cheap.  I used to be a beef lover, but I got over it.  Medical care is reported by most of us here to be in many cases better than in the US, sometimes not so much, but always a fraction of the cost.  Public transportation is a breeze.  It is cheap, dependable, and always an adventure.  You simply don't need a car!   We still love our American music and haven't embraced Ecuadorian tunes, but in time you never know.  We love Ecuador!

Three years isn't a long time, but this has been the best three years of my life.  I can't speak for Rachel but her smile tells me volumes.