Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sunday several of us gringo types went to visit an orphanage here on the outskirts of Cuenca.  Twenty three little souls are surviving there mostly I think on the love delivered by the two (that's right...two) women who care for them on a daily basis.  Two months ago funding all but dried up when the government decided to back off on the help.  The other orphanages in Cuenca are apparently run by the Catholic church and have better resources.  There's a lot more to learn about this place and see where we can help.  Food is the most obvious need right now.  The kids are not getting 3 meals and the one they get is not going to make them reach their genetic potential.  Believe it or not I think 3 or 4 dairy goats would do wonders for their long term survival.  There is grass to eat and I think the older children could milk the goats.  Next week there are some chickens being donated which will also help.  There is a small core group of gringos that have taken up this cause and there is some clothing and food trickling in to give some hope to these abandoned children.  There is enormous needs here just for the children's survival so if you have an interest in helping here, even just giving a little love, please talk to George and Carol next time you have lunch at California Kitchen.