Monday, August 8, 2011

Riding Bicycle in Cuenca Ecuador

Rachel and I have survived nearly a year of riding our bicycles in heavy traffic in Cuenca, Ecuador and every day we love it a little more.  It is a convenient, healthy exercise that gets you where you are going nearly as fast and in some cases faster than any other means of public transportation.  We have written numerous times of our adventures on bicycle here but I've never given my readers a 'how to' guide.  Please click the link below and if you have time, please comment on the Suite 101 site so that I can have some feedback.  Thanks!!!

Sig Sig

If you're in to World's Record this or that, try this Panama Hat on for style.  It's in Sig Sig Ecuador.  That's right, Panama hats are made in Ecuador!

We had a great day with Jim and Angie Barnes exploring the countryside around Sig Sig. We stepped back in time about 100 years.   Rachel and Angie scored some nice hats.   I wrote about it in Suite 101.  Please click the link below.