Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Just a word about friends.  True friends are a treasure, God's gift.  Rachel and I each had friends before we got married but the friends we've shared here in Ecuador transcend our prior experiences because of need.  I truly believe it is about sharing a unique life experience that you couldn't describe to anyone who hasn't lived here.  There are just certain knowings that become part of your everyday venacular that could not be understood unless you have struggled to communicate in another language (let alone another culture)  walked the streets, eaten at the local cafes, shopped for corvina at Feria Libre, looked for a three prong electrical adapter at a ferreteria, or jumped on the wrong bus.  It's not like we've been to war together, but we became a brother/sisterhood.  Together, we've learned to deal with things and adapt.  We remind each other why we came here when the homesick bug hits or when we've had one too many mananas.  For those we left behind in Cuenca, just know we cherished the time we had with you and look forward to your visit to the Imbabura.  Mi casa su casa.

For our special Ecuadorian friends that helped out when you didn't need to, we thank you.  You are surely angels sent from God.  Thank you Xavier, Galo, Francisco,  Jose,  Juan, Noshy, Eduardo, Paul, Wilson, Nellie and all the rest of you that reached out with humanity to us gringos.  We love you. 

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