Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waiting Patiently for My Bride

I really thought that a week or two without Rachel would be fine and that we would only appreciate each other all the more when she returned from the states.  It's been over two weeks now and I was to meet her as she arrives in Guayaquil tonight.  Mother Nature had other ideas.
Thankfully Rachel loves snow as she probably didn't get enough of it growing up in Sapulpa Oklahoma.  Well, even Sapulpa and neighboring Tulsa got the full force of one of the biggest blizzards in recent memories.  All flights are cancelled and the airport is digging out.  Nobody is going to work.  For some, like Rachel and her daughter Bianca, it's just an excuse to extend their holiday, play a lot of scrabble, Play Station 3 and eat a lot of popcorn.  Those of us from Iowa know how to handle these storms,  Oklahomans not so much.   Most Oklahomans don't even own a snow shovel so they look for spades, rakes, spoons, and other devices to remove that white stuff.  Some just wait for spring.  Like her mother, Bianca is pretty resourceful and an exception to the rule.  They both look like they're totally enjoying it!

I'm pretty sure they don't have the equipment in Tulsa to clear the streets like Iowa and Minnesota.  It's just a different deal.

Snow is snow and cold is cold whether you're a Hawkeye (Cyclone) or a Sooner (Cowboy).   It can be beautiful, annoying, a lot of work, dangerous, or a lot of fun depending on your frame of reference.   By now you know how Rachel and Bianca see it.  All I know is that Rachel isn't going to be on the plane tonight, and I'm ready to have her back in Ecuador!  Now you know how I see it. 

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