Friday, January 28, 2011

Imbabura or Bust!


We have some really wonderful friends in Cuenca and in such a short period of time it has made even the thought of a move from here very difficult.  Why would we leave such a lovely city and wonderful friends?  If you've read my previous blog, you already know.  Rachel and I are country people.  We prefer to ride our bikes past pastures with cows more than historic colonial architecture and manicured parks.  We don't need the fabulous restaurants.  We cook at home.  We don't need the free Mozart concerts.  We've got a great surround sound system.  The pan pipes of the Imbabura sooth our souls.  Transportation?  Our bikes take us where we need to go and give us the exercise that keeps us younger than our years.   Taxis are available for those lazy or infirm days.  Security?  We'll be leaving a condo with 24-7 guards and closed circuit TV survellance for a place that simply doesn't require the same type of vigilance.  Don't get me wrong.  Where we live now is just plain lovely.  It's modern, convenient, safe, low maintenance, quality construction, gorgeous views, and a built in community of wonderful condo neighbors, and a good long term investment.  What's not to like?  It's not in the country.


If you are a city lover that wants convenience, safety, easy living on one floor with great views, I've got a deal for you.  Welcome to Edificio Palermo  11F.  We'll sell it to you with or without furnishings for less.  There's a few pieces of special furniture that have a history and an attachment to my bride and they will follow us to the Imbabura.  Here's what you'll get.

Edificio Palermo is the tallest building in Cuenca and will always have that distinction.  There's 150 units from the 17th floor penthouse owned by John McAffee of software fame, to the more modest type that we own.   City codes that protect the historic colonial nature of this city will never allow a building of this size to be built here again.  Those fortunate enough to be on the higher levels enjoy a magnificent view of the city and the mountains surrounding  Cuenca.

The plaza surrounding the building affords a place to enjoy the outdoors in a manicured garden setting.  Fountains and flowers make life in the city feel a little more like an estate in the country.

There is an exercise room that keeps you fit, even if you don't ride bikes.

There is a steam room and a sauna to melt your sore muscles when you exercise too hard.

There's a huge reception area to greet your friends before you bring them to your condo.
There's even a theater room that is being developed for all of us to use.  They are building a main floor mini mall which will have botique shops.  No promises on date of completion! 

Everyone has a secure parking space....

and your own secure private bodega (storage) which doubles for us as our bicicleta garage.

The view from our condo bumpout at sunrise

and our view to the south towards the Tomebamba are wonderful.

A well designed kitchen with lots of storage
and a dinette area that doubles as a sitting area or computer nook while the noodles are cooking....

.....or do your laundry conveniently just off the kitchen area.
The dining/living room looks out to the city shown in other pictures and has been wired for speakers to bring music where you sit.  All the rooms have architectural ceilings for elegant aesthetics.

The man cave is designed for an electronics junkie with a built in entertainment center.  This is where I have my surround sound and a place for a big screen tv (yet to be purchased!).  You can darken the room for intensive video or open the shade and  flood it with natural light looking towards the city and have a wonderful sitting area with music for when you're feeling social.   I've wired the condo from here for centralized sound production for music lovers.  If you need the room as a bedroom, it's ready for that also with built in closets.

As for sleeping....

We actually sleep in the smaller bedroom because we can look out on a beautiful mountain and city view while we have our leisurely morning coffee in bed.....

and leave the actual master bedroom as a craft room with a queen sized bed , double built in closet and it's own private bath for our guests.  Everyone would do this differently depending on how you live, but the condo is very flexible for different living styles.

If you or someone you know is looking for a great investment sure to increase in value and comfortable city living in Cuenca, give me a call

 098915314 in Cuenca

or 605.610.3323 as a US phone number

or just email me

and I will give you a personal tour so that you can have your life in Cuenca and Rachel and I can move to our casita in the Imbabura!

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Connie Pombo said...

Happy for you guys and so sad to see you go; it seems like more are going than staying these days. You are a precious couple and you deserve the best, so off to the country you go (with our blessing). John McAfee in the penthouse -- really?!? I was up there once (when we lived on the sixth floor), got dizzy 18 stories up and had to come back down. The 11th floor is perfect, Hugs to you both!